Karllotta has boundless energy

The Karllotta new building ensemble runs on renewable energy, which is - for the most part - self-generated. The innovative concept combines a photovoltaic system on the roof with two heat pump systems: air/water and brine/water. The photovoltaic system converts solar energy into electricity for the heat pumps. These, in turn, heat and distribute the heating water and hot water. The hot water is prepared centrally by means of a heat exchanger within the continuous flow system. As far as you are concerned, this means an efficient and comprehensive system: zero CO₂, low costs, and a great choice for the environment!

Fit for a sustainable future

Upon completion of the new building ensemble, Karllotta’s energy concept already fulfils all of the requirements regarding the climate neutrality of buildings from 2045.

Four major benefits for you

1. Clean and sustainable

Your heating is climate-friendly and environmentally friendly: Karllotta foregoes the use of fossil-based energy sources and emits no harmful greenhouse gases such as CO₂. With renewable energies from wind, the sun and geothermal heat, you can do your part to protect the environment.

2. Affordable and self-sufficient

You save money from day one: with heat pumps and photovoltaics, your heating costs will plummet by up to 75 percent compared with previous heating systems! Because Karllotta releases practically no CO₂ emissions whatsoever, the CO₂ limit, which is set to expire in 2025, is of no concern.

3. Future-proof and available in endless supply

You remain on the safe side: while fossil fuels are becoming noticeably more scarce and increasingly expensive, Karllotta relies on inexhaustible, affordable energy sources such as solar and geothermal energy – and secures for you a low and stable heating price, unaffected by price increases and expensive CO₂ pricing.

4. Efficient and comfortable

You enjoy a pleasant interior climate at all times: heat pumps heat your living spaces consistently and uniformly. The temperature can be set and controlled to a high level of accuracy. Surplus electricity from Karllotta’s photovoltaic system flows directly into the electric recharging points in the underground carpark.